Js Craft Academy

Hello everybody,
I skipped sending the last newsletter because an unplanned vacation happened. Therefore I salute you from Greece .

Also, I've decided to split this newsletter into three categories. The newly published screencasts, the new articles added on js-craft, and a new section with interesting links and resources I've found around the web. Let’s go!


# Two new screencasts to watch

I am happy to announce that I've started a new video series about CSS Grid. Through about 6 or so episodes we will build a fully responsive CSS grid layout. The first two new episodes are below:


# Six new articles to read

The new articles published on js-craft are:


# Three interesting links from around the web

That's all folks! I would be very happy to hear from you. So, if you have any feedback about this newsletter, the new CSS Grid video series or anything else please drop me an email at daniel [at] js-craft.io


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